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As the weather changes, lets get ready to get our Summer On with the next theme- "BEACH ME!"

  • 3 to 6 additional products from our partner stores and vendors
  • Most items support women-owned businesses
  • At least $120 Retail value every purchase *BIG SAVINGS*
  • Exclusive, fun, high-quality and hand-picked products, not just samples.

Get ready to show off this brag bag!

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A unique subscription service and gift giving company. We are here to provide a whole experience through a variety of products that appeal to the senses.


  • $120+ Retail value.
  • $232 Charged once per year.
  • Save $28 when you prepay.
  • Available
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  • $120+ Retail value.
  • $66 Charged every 3 months.
  • Available every 3 months.
  • No contract.
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$120+ Retail value

$70 for a one time purchase


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Vendor Highlight

Alice Min Soo Chun, founder of the Solar puff lanterns

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